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India's best bilateral political upholding consultant aims to transform election campaigning in India.

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Relax and let our experts
drive your digital marketing
campaing for
Upcomming Election
Reach out fans by harnessing
the right Digital Marketing
Techniques for your
Election Campaign
Reach out fans by harnessing
the right Digital Marketing
Techniques for your
Election Campaign


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We’re the people who don’t support progressive.

Ultra Modern IT Services Provide All Political Election Management campaign Services in India to help you boost up your image & reputation using the target society (Voters).

We have professional & skilled staff for political management. We helped many national & state level leaders to convey their message in society through political campaign. Also, Provide High-Level Election Survey that can Change Election Math.

Basically, We are the Political Consulting Firm . We make Visible you on multiple channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, Pinterest, through Our established connections and resources.

We Deliver your Voice to more peoples to aware them. So Join Ultra Modern IT Services Today.

Political consultants ever advise campaigns all

mission & vision

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Political Campaign Services

Together we the people achieve more than any single
person could ever do alone.


Strategic social media management and marketing to expand your online followers and reach.


Strategic On Ground Level and marketing to expand your Offline followers and reach.


Strategic On Other Media Like TV, FM expand your Online & Offline followers and reach.

We transform the process of election campaigning in India

Brand Marketing

Similar to the challenges that companies have in branding their products and services in the marketplace; political consultation and campaign organizations rely on brand marketers.

Political Ads

Efforts by one influence the choices of others pervade the social and political world. Similarly political ads and campaigns aim to persuade voters, firms aim to persuade.


UMIS is a political consulting firm aims to deliver the results by developing relationships. We as a team burn the midnight oil to provide the best service.

Advocacy Training

Advocacy is to change” what is” into “what should be”. To conduct and build custom political campaign, UMIS build curricula, create strategies and execute it.


Electoral battles are not only fought with best strategies alone but with the voting trends analytics too. Deep understanding of voting trends and surveys.

Gaining Volunteers

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of their commitment to make a difference. To create a difference in electoral results.

Strategic Consulting

UMIS as an entity believes to get game changing results by game changing thoughts and in order to make our candidates win in the elections.

Public Relations

UMIS as an entity believes that advertising is saying you are good, but a public relation is getting someone to say you are good.

Opinion Polling

We live in one of the biggest democracies where public opinion is everything. In order to serve our clients with the best of our services, we have enhanced our fields.

Social Media

Social media creates kinship between companies and clients, and kinship equals purchase intent. To serve our candidates with the best of our services.

Election Rally Management

We are a next generation team evolving new strategies and methodologies in today’s ever changing communications.

Voter & Marketing Analytics

The best way to predict the win is to study the behavior of voters and market.

Use of Technology in successful Political Camapign

“The technology you use impress no one, the experience you create with it is everything.” Recent political environment uses technology.

Political Campaign & Marketing Strategies

Good market strategy makes the firm look smart. Great market strategy makes the client feel smarter. To deal with one of the biggest democracies, campaigners are being pushed to invent marketing strategies.

Digital Strategy to find the right Audience

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” In order to drive the right traffic for our candidates and to increase their goodwill we work on digital Strategies. 



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UMIS is India's best bilateral upholding consultant equivalent to a "Political campaign group" which aspire to support elections of deligent, visionary,progressive and comprehensive leaders and public offices.
UMIS thinks of to work towards an India where we all have an equal partnership in our democracy as well as equal chance in our economy, with an comprehensive mission to bring politics near to the people.
UMIS team have Proficiency in Research, Analytics,Digital and Social media, Technology,on-ground intelligence and ground campaign management.
UMIS specialised in designing and executing strong campaigns based on In-depth political proficiency, comprehensive data analytics and through ground level understanding by using both conventional and new age technological advance methods

Campaign is power